Custom Rifle Builds

Whether building on your action or a ground up complete build from Covenant, we can build or assemble a rifle specifically to suit your tastes, preferences, and purposes. We do bolt action rifle barreling/chambering for hunting or precision shooting purposes using your choice of action, barrel, and chambering. We have our favorites to work with, but can accommodate many requests. We do primarily use Magpul components where applicable, because well...we've got ties there, and we know that they are designed, built, and tested properly, and the line is broad enough to suit most needs. AR builds can range from SBRs for professional use or home defense, to pinned 14.5" guns or 16" general purpose rifles, to recce builds, to precision SPR-style builds or 3-gun rifles depending on your desires. We focus on rifles that are functional, accurate, durable, and reliable. Let us use our decades of experience to guide you to your perfect rifle. All NFA rules apply to all applicable products.

Action Work

If you have a firearm that you'd like to optimize, Covenant may be able to help. Various levels of improvement for trigger characteristics, action smoothness, and overall reliability are available on various handgun and rifle actions including 1911, Glock, S&W revolvers, Ruger revolvers, SAAs, Marlin Lever actions, Win 1873 and clones, and others. We can also help diagnose and correct most issues with firearms that are not performing correctly.

General Sales

If you're interested in ordering a base firearm to receive upgrades from Covenant or, in limited cases, just a transfer of a stock firearm, we may be able to accommodate. We focus on manufacturing and sale of Covenant builds, but we can do general transactions on firearms as well as NFA items. All ATF and NFA regulations apply.


Need Information or Advice?

We can help guide you to the best solutions for your needs. You don't always have to know exactly what you want...just knowing what you want to be able to do with your tools is usually enough to get us on the path to a solution.

Want to zero in on success?

Covenant can provide firearms instruction in defensive use of handguns and carbines, long range precision shooting including hunting applications and field positions, and other topics. We have years of experience running large training programs as well as conducting custom instruction with various civilian and military certifications.

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Contact us

Please contact us via email at [email protected] or via phone for more information and pricing on custom projects or for our other services. Contacting us via the contact form may delay responses, as contact form emails are batch processed.