Manufacturing, gunsmithing, and sales of everything from flintlocks to modern handguns and rifles for professional use. After over a quarter century of gunsmithing experience and a career of professional use, Covenant can provide useful information and insights when choosing or evaluating firearms and modifications from flintlocks to competition arms to modern fighting rifles for the professional. Services include bolt action chambering and barreling, AR builds, handgun work, machining, and general action work. Contact us at [email protected] to spec your custom build project.

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From Blackpowder cartridge and paper-patched cast bullets to high-volume or high-precision modern ammunition, Covenant can provide useful guidance and experience or help with solving problems. Ammunition is not available for sale at this time, and reloading assistance and education is provided on a consulting or educational basis only.

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Competitive, defensive, recreation, or professional, Covenant has valuable insights into the practical side of skill at arms. With decades of civilian and military training experience, we can help with skill development, training plans, and mindset.

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Since 1993

Our Covenant with you

Is all about our word as our bond. Good advice, vetted techniques, and the ability and willingness to explain all of the "why's" so that you truly get the most out of your gear, your training, and your time.


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We are currently accepting new work, but expect longer turnaround times. Please direct inquiries via phone or email per our contact page. Using the contact form may delay response time, as contact form inquiries are batch processed.